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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Preschool orientation!!

Today is Jacks preschool orientation!!  He found out that his teacher will be Miss Brown and that he will be going to the afternoon session. 
Orientation day, they pick the kids and their parents up on the school bus and let the kids see what it's like to take a bus. 

Daddy had a meeting at work, so he wasn't able to go, but Jack and I hopped on the school bus when it stopped by our house!  Jack was excited, but a bit nervous.  He isn't used to how the bus bounces all around when it goes over the bumpy roads, and when we hit a big bump, Jack bumped his head on the window....ouch!
We got to school, and found his classroom and Miss Brown!  She is very nice and there are so many fun things in the, books, and a train table!! 

Miss Brown talked to the parents, handed out folders with school information and talked to the kids.  She even read them a story!  I have a feeling that Jack is going to LOVE school!!  And I know he is going to love Miss Brown!!