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Friday, October 29, 2010


This Halloween, Jack decided that he wanted to be a firefighter!  I guess it's in the father was a firefighter, my step-father is also.  My Uncle, cousins, and many other family members are as well!  I found a cute costume at the Halloween store in town and I really liked how 'real' it seemed!

Our first Halloween activity was Trick - or - trunk that Jacks school does for the kids in town.  They have people with their trunks of the car open, filled with candy all lined up in the parking lot at Lisbon Meadows Park and the kids go from car to car filling up their bag with candy!  Some of the people handing out candy were even dressed up! 

Then after the getting lots of candy, we all took a bus over to the school where Jack played games, had a drink and some snacks and saw lots of his friends!!

This is Jack and his friend Simon!

And this is his friend Autumn...doesn't she look like such a pretty princess??

And another princess, Jacks friend Avery from his class!!

And we also ran into Danny, who was the cutest cowboy there!!

We all had a great time, and we were definitely ready for bed after all of this fun!!