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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Snow, snow and more snow!

We had our first blizzard of this winter about a week and a half ago.  They were predicting almost two feet of snow, although we didn't get that much.   The wind was wicked, with gusts up to 65 m.p.h. and sustained winds of about 40 m.p.h.!   There were some spots that had several feet of snow due to drifts created by all of the wind, then other spots there was barely a dusting, you could still see the grass!

After all of the winds had died down and the storm was over, we were finally able to head out and play!!

Jack and Daddy had so much fun flying down the little hill on the side of our house!  We even tried to see if Sasha wanted to ride on the sled, but she just wanted to roll around in the snow!

We made a little path down the hill, and Jack loved going down by himself too!
Jack thought it would be pretty funny to throw snowballs at Daddy and I too....and I might add that his throwing ability is getting better and better as I was covered with snow in no time!!
Jack and I (with a bit of help from Daddy!) built a snowman too!  We couldn't find a scarf, so we used a red towel, and used Jacks old hat from when he was younger for his hat!  The day we built this snowman, it had warmed up quite a bit, and within a couple of hours, poor 'Frosty' was leaning over quite a bit.  By morning, he was a big pile of snow on the ground!
Looks like there is more snow in the forecast for this weekend, so we'll have to see what fun we can come up with then!!