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Saturday, July 10, 2010

It's been a long few weeks!

Well, we had our vacation a few weeks ago in New Hampshire, came home, then it all went downhill from there!

Mark (Daddy) ended up getting pretty sick, (more sick than I've ever seen him!) and it lasted almost 2 weeks!  Then midway through him being sick, I ended up sick with the same thing!  It's been a very long month.  I'm still not 100% yet, but I'm on my way!  Thankfully, Jack managed to come out of this with nothing...hopefully it stays this way.  But, now that I am thinking about it, he was actually sick FIRST!   He had a stomach bug and fever, where Mark and I had an incredibly horrible sore throat, coughing and a fever. 

Anyway, I've been trying to sneak in a few little day trips with Jack to keep him busy.  These are some of our highlights...

We've managed to find a couple of  'cool enough' days to play outside on the playscape!!  And on the really hot days, we've done a couple of crafts!

We've celebrate 4th of July with some sparklers and a fireworks show!

We went to the Connecticut River to watch the boats go by...although we were hoping to try out the ferry!  (It was closed!)  And of course, we spent some time with Jacks cousin Riley!!

We've played some baseball in the yard.....

.....and did some exploring!!

We went down to Hopeville Pond State Park and played in the water...
....and took some time to splash each other after Daddy tried to teach Jack to swim!

And yesterday, we went to the Westbrook Carnival!  Jack got to ride in the front of a real fire truck around town, he rode a ferris wheel and carousel for the first time, and rode on all of the other kids rides too!

Well, I hope that you enjoyed our little photo album of our fun these last few weeks!!  Check back soon for more fun adventures!!

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