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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Last few days of vacation...

Well, our vacation is coming to an end, but we've had such a great time!  (Check out our last post for our New Hampshire visit pictures!)

We've done a couple of fun things the last couple of days...

We went bowling (Jacks first time!!)....In this shot, Jack just picked up a spare!!!  He was so excited!!!

Daddy helped Jack push the ball down the lane, and I have to say, Jack did pretty good.  So good, as a matter of fact, that he beat Daddys score!! 

Yesterday, we went to Gillette's Castle.  I haven't been there since I was much younger.  My parents used to take us here! 

It was a nice afternoon, and from the castle grounds, you can see the Connecticut River down below.  Jack enjoyed watching the ferry bring cars back and forth across the river and liked the jet skis and boats travel up and down the river!  Next time we go, we'll have to take the ferry so Jack can go on it.  I always loved doing that as a child!

Jack loved being up on the balconies outside of the castle.  Jack and Daddy played hide and seek up there, hiding behind the old columns!  I caught Jack peeking down to the ground below and snapped this shot.  I love his playful look!!

I love the look of the stones and rocks that were used to make the castle....I think it makes a nice backdrop!!

After we checked out the castle, we went down to the pond by this really neat bridge.  There were picnic tables, fire pits, and LOTS of frogs!

Daddy caught this HUGE bullfrog!!  He had a hard time holding him, he just wanted to jump back into the pond, but when Jack held him, he just sat there, nice and calm.  Jack just had him on top of his hands, not even 'holding' on to him and he didn't move! 

We had a great time, and we will definitely be back probably this week!  I know Auntie Scoot and Riley will want to check it out and get some pictures too!  Besides, we weren't here very long, so we need some more time to check out the trails and maybe find a geocache or two!!

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