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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Staying warm!

A very cold night and morning for us was bad enough it's been 20 degrees outside with a blizzard, but we also ran out of oil.  Add to that, when the oil was delivered and we went to start up the furnace, it didn't work.  We had to have a repairman come out to fix it before we had heat and hot water! 

So Jack and I put on about 10 extra layers of clothes, and curled up together on the couch under a big comforter to keep warm.

At least this sweet little face still warmed my heart which was all that mattered!!!
We had so much fun snuggling up together, reading some of Jacks new books he got for Christmas from his Auntie Kris and Uncle Rhett.  After a couple of hours, the repairman came and the house warmed up!!     
Now we are off to Chili's for dinner...Daddy and I got some gift cards from my nephew Kevin and his girlfriend Rhionn, and we are going to enjoy a night out.  Jack is pretty excited about that too!!

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