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Sunday, December 26, 2010

We're Back!

Well, it's been about 5 months since we've posted here.  I thought I should get back into it again, so I thought I would start with Christmas!! 

It's been an interesting holiday this year, I've been suffering from a herniated disc, causing me quite a bit of pain, so it's been pretty tough to get into the spirit as much as I would like to!

But Jack is at such a great age this year, being 4.  He is full of the fun of Christmas...asking all sorts of questions about Santa Claus, and very much into decorating the house!!

Jack left a note for Santa this year next to his bed, along with some cookies, candy canes and a few pictures he colored for him.  He wanted Santa to come into his bedroom.

I took this photo of him sound asleep....dreaming, I'm sure, of Santa coming down the chimney!!

It took him a while to fall asleep...too excited!  He finally did though, and actually slept pretty late, which was a surprise to me!!

Christmas morning, Jack came downstairs to find a tree with so many presents underneath!  He took his time though, looking at everything for a while before moving on to the next one.  Here are a few of the photos from Christmas morning...

Jack got some great gifts this year from Santa.....a R/C Jeep, a TAG reading system, a LeapFrog Explorer, some puzzles, books, and racetracks!
Jack really likes Jeeps, and one of the things he really wanted was a Jeep.  He probably wanted a real one, but this one will have to do until he is a bit older.....(and has his own money!)  We opened presents, got dressed, had some breakfast then headed over to Namies house.  (Jacks grandmother) 
While we were there, we spent some time with Daddys family, had a yummy lunch and then opened some more presents.  Then we were on our more stop to go!

We headed down to Grandmas house, where we had some time with my family.  We got to see Jacks cousin Kevin, who we don't see too often because he lives in Boston!  We had dinner there, then had our traditional grab-bag.  We wrap lots of presents in aluminum foil, and have everyone take turns picking a present!  Lots of good stuff this year, and Jack made out quite well with the kids grab-bag.
He also got a special present from Auntie Arlene and Uncle Ed, who couldn't make it.  It was a Hess truck with a jet plane on the back of it!  Each year, they get Jack a Hess truck...he loves them!
Jack also got a camera from Grandma and Grandpa...a real one, so I'm sure we'll be seeing some of his pictures on here soon too!  :)

One of the presents Jack received at Grandmas house was a Paper Jamz guitar from Auntie Scoot and Riley!  He loves playing it....he's a real rock star!

That's about it for that I've gotten this page done, hopefully I will be better about keeping up with this blog.  Keep checking back for more fun!

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  1. Sounds like you all had a wonderful Christmas!