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Friday, January 29, 2010

Childrens Museum!

Jack and I decided to go to the Childrens Museum in Niantic today...couldn't think of anything better on a VERY cold, windy day like today!

The last time we were there, Jack was just learning to walk, so this time was a lot more fun! Besides, they just added a few new things to do...why not check it out!?! My sister Kathy and niece Riley met up with us there too!
Jack loved combing for clams at the 'beach'. This is probably the closest we'll be to going to a beach for at least the next 3 months! At least you could pretend it was warm with the sun shining in through the window!

He couldn't wait to get up into the top lookout on the fishing ship!! You could almost see the whole museum from up there!!

He got to try on a kimono to 'cook up' some Chinese food for me...too bad it wasn't real food, I was getting pretty hungry, and honestly, pork fried rice sounded really good!
We also had to grab a picture of Jack and Riley on the ship together and one of me and Jack together. (Kathy wanted nothing to do with getting her picture taken!)
Jack also enjoyed being the weatherman for a little while. At home, he usually wakes up, heads to the window, and (lately) either says: "Momma, it's still snowing outside" or "Momma, is it summertime yet?? I see the sun!"
A few more months buddy.....

....It won't be long before we can listen to the waves outside!!


  1. Madison and I will have to head over and check out the new exhibits! Thanks for the heads up!

  2. sounds like a great day! I love the lil chef cooking in the kimono!! :)