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Friday, January 15, 2010

Here he is....the little guy that this blog is all about!
This is my favorite little guy Jack.
Jack is 3 1/2 years old and is the light of my life!! He is a pretty funny guy, although many people don't get to see this side of him because he tends to be pretty shy. He has a great vocabulary, and is USUALLY pretty polite. (I won't kid you, he is THREE after all...which means he is in the testing stage, trying to get away with things and pushing the limits!)
He loves Thomas the Train, cars and construction trucks, Blue's Clues, Bob the Builder, and making crafts. We started going to a toddler program at our local library, which Jack really enjoys. They read stories, sing songs and do crafts.
I also belong to a group in our area and have met some really great Moms and kids. I was looking for something to get us out of the house, and to help Jack start opening up around other people. We've been in the group for almost a year, and so far, Jack is still very shy. He'll be starting preschool in September, so we'll have to work on this over the summer! :)

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