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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Little guy in surgery....

Our little guy went in for surgery on Wednesday...he had a hernia, probably something he was born with. We headed to The Connecticut Childrens Medical Center in Hartford bright and early (5:30 a.m. to be exact!)....we had thoughts of Jack sleeping in the car on the way there seeing as he normally sleeps until 9 a.m. most mornings, but he was wide awake taking in the lights from the big buildings in the city.

What a wonderful hospital!! They operated like a well oiled machine...everything so smooth and seamless. Check-in in one room, weight check & blood pressure in another, on to pre-op. I really thought I would be nervous about the whole thing, but the doctors, nurses and everyone else on staff made us feel very comfortable. The surgeon came over to chat with Jack, then the nurse came to show Jack the mask he'd wear during the surgery to 'help him sleep'. Jack loved the fact that you could pick a chapstick flavor to coat the inside of the mask (to help hide the smell). He chose bubblegum! He even let Daddy try on the mask with the bubblegum smell in it!

It was time for surgery, so the nurse got me into a gown and brought Jack and I down a hall. The nurse told Jack she had a surprise around the corner....boy, did she! A 'parking lot' of motorized cars and motorcycles!!! Jack was able to choose one for his 'ride' into the surgery and it didn't take him long to choose the John Deere! He hopped right in, and drove it down the hall to the operating room! The funniest part was, as the 12 or so doctors were waiting, Jack took his time to make sure the car was 'locked up' and made sure the trunk was closed and locked too!

The part I was dreading actually wasn't as bad as I thought it would be....having him 'sleep' for the surgery. They kept him sitting up with me holding his hands. The nurse held the mask up to his face and told him to blow the balloon up...that was it, in about 15 seconds, he was out. (probably enjoying the sleep seeing as he had to get up about 3 hours earlier than his usual time that day!)

Twenty minutes later and he was in the recovery room, sound asleep. The nurse said he'd wake up within a few minutes, but about 20 minutes later he was still in 'la la land!' We warned the nurse that when Jack is woken up from a nap, HE IS A BEAR!!! And were we ever right!

He woke up, crying a little, but very unhappy that the IV was still in. He wanted it off, "RIGHT NOW!" I told him to hold on a few minutes, told him I loved him and he responded with "I don't love you!" in a rather loud voice...Hmmm, not what I was hoping to hear! Next he informed us that he wanted to go home. It went something like this...

Jack: I want to go home!

Mark: We can't yet buddy, the doctor will let us know soon when we can leave.

Jack: Well, I want to leave.....NOW!

Me: It's okay, baby, we'll leave in a few minutes...

Jack: I am getting up off this table, walking out of here, and walking home....ALL BY MYSELF!

(Pretty funny coming from a 27 lb. little guy, wearing pale yellow hospital P.J.'s, all drugged up on morphine!) It got a few laughs from the doctors, nurses and other parents that were in earshot!

Anyway, we took him home, expecting him to be sleeping on the couch, a little uncomfortable, and not happy. The reality: He ate 3 doughnuts on the way home (they said he probably wouldn't eat until the next day!), then had a bowl of mac 'n cheese, watched a movie, and had a big smile on his face!
Within about an hour, Jack grabbed his tools, and headed to the table with Daddy. Mark was working on a little woodworking project and Jack is definitely 'Daddys little helper!'

Jack never needed medicine after he left the hospital, and ate like he hadn't eaten in a week! He's very proud of his scar, wanting to show it off to everyone....and ended his day saying, "Momma, I had fun today at the hospital!"

You can't ask for anything more than that! That's my boy!

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