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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Snow day!

Well, today was supposed to be a day of geocaching with Jack, my sister Kathy and my neice Riley (with a pitstop at someplace yummy for lunch!) because it was supposed to be sunny and 40 degrees. However, we woke up to snow!
It's pretty and all, but really put a damper on our plans today! So we ended up making some pumpkin pancakes, playing some games, watching a Kipper movie, and doing a snow day craft!

I brought out my favorite craft book, Barrons Crafty Kids, and had Jack pick out a project. This book is great for toddlers/preschool age...the crafts mostly involve construction paper, plates, and glue sticks. Pretty easy for the little ones!

Todays choice?? A rocketship! Maybe Jack is thinking we need to get ourselves out of this snowy state! (I, on the other hand, was thinking more like a plane and something involving palm trees!)

I did the cutting out and let Jack do all of the rest! He LOVES using the gluestick...and thought it was pretty cool to glue aluminum foil onto his rocketship.
Jack was very excited about how it came out, and of course, I was too!
We quickly put it up in the living room with poster putty for everyone to see! Of course, his favorite person to show off his projects to?? Daddy!


  1. Jack we love hearing about all the things you do and can't wait to see your next adventure!

  2. I love the rocket ship! I will have to check out the book too thanks! And thank you for joining us in the Sticker Swap!

  3. Cool Rocket ship buddy!! Great job :)

  4. I love the Rocket Ship...very cute :)