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Saturday, June 5, 2010

A hot weekend!

Yesterday, Jacks cousin Riley came over for a swim in the pool!  Jack and Riley had so much fun splashing and it really cooled them off!  Riley especially liked to splash just like she does in the bathtub!!

Later in the evening, we got a little fire going outside and toasted marshmallows!!  YUM!  We had fun watching Sydney try to NOT burn the marshmallows, but everytime she tried to toast one, it caught on fire!  Jack thought that was so funny, he just sat there laughing hysterically!! 

It was so nice snuggling with Jack by the fire watching the fireflys dance around the yard!

Today, we played outside for a while, but it didn't last was SOOOOO HOT outside!  Jack was being a goober making silly faces and I managed to capture this classic look....

We headed over to Friendly's for their free ice cream day to cool off and Jack was pretty excited to see the firetruck they had there for the kids to check out (and of course was VERY excited to get ice cream!)

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  1. Hi Kim! Did you get my email back on May 27th? You are my Vera Bradley winner and I'd love to sent your wallet out to you! I just need to know you'd like to accept and your mailing address. Please let me know if you want to accept within the next 48 hours or I'll have to draw another winner and that would make me so sad:(