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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Momma's got a new toy!!

There's good news, and there is bad news.....

The bad news is, my camera messed up another memory card and I lost about 100 pictures.  The good news (really good news) is Mark was planning on getting me a Canon Digital SLR camera for my birthday in November, and decided that an early birthday present would be a good idea!!  I am a very happy lady!!  Of course, it's a fancier camera than I am used to, and at this point, I have only figured out how to take pictures on the 'automatic' setting...I have A LOT of learning to do!!    By the way....I love you Mark!! 

The funny thing is, on Thursday, the day my camera was delivered, it was actually Marks birthday!!  So my first pictures are of Mark and Jack with his birthday cupcake!  (We are celebrating with a real cake today - Saturday!)

Jack was very excited for Daddys birthday...he even came up with the idea for presents for him.   He said, "We NEED to get Daddy a book on hunting and a jiu jitsu book!!"  So off to Borders we went and Jack picked out some really nice books. We also found him a "Rocky" t-shirt and got him a Cabellas Gift card to help out with his upcoming project:  The man cave.  (Marks tough guy room!)

We've spent some time down at Hopeville Pond State Park too over the last few days.  We went with Auntie Scoot and Riley to play in the sand and water.....

....and we also went fishing there with Daddy last night!!

Jack and Daddy caught a few crappies!


Jack and I also went geocaching....although didn't have too much luck.  I did, however, get this really cute shot of Jack walking behind me as we were leaving the woods....

I looked back as we were walking and saw him like looked so cute, but I knew if I stopped and turned around, he would have looked up and I wouldn't have been able to capture this moment.  So I took a 'one in a million' chance.  I held the camera at my side while I was walking, without even seeing where it was aiming, and I pushed the button.  Just once.  It came out exactly how I was hoping!! 

I also took a few pictures of random flowers just for fun:

Poor Jack is going to have to get used to me always stopping to take a picture....

Well, off to get ready for hubbys birthday party....have a great weekend!!

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  1. Happy Birthday to your hubby!

    And congrats to YOU on the new camera! I am totally head over heels in love with Canon Rebel. It is my best friend and I never leave the house without it! If you are looking to gussy it up a bit I totally recommend the camera straps from Knitty Bitties ( I love, love, love mine!