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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Vacation!! Woo Hoo!! (Lots of Pictures!!)

Our vacation started this past weekend.  We started off with Father's Day, which we celebrated Saturday, because we were going to be on the road on Sunday...

Jack sure loves his Daddy!!  (me too for that matter!)  They are best buddies, going fishing together, hiking, playing games and spending a lot of quality time together.  He is a great dad!!!

Jack made Daddy a special box to keep all of his knick-knacks.  Jack chose the color to paint it, the wooden 'I love Dad', and the pictures to put on it.  He chose all pictures of the two of them doing things together.  Daddy loved it!!

Early Sunday morning, we headed up to New Hampshire!!  We rented a small cabin on the Pemi River in Lincoln.  We were pretty excited, it's the first vacation we've gone away for since before Jack was born. 
Here are some of the pictures from the trip!

This was taken at The Lost River Gorge.  We got to walk through caves, some of the spots were so narrow, we had to crawl on our belly to get through!  It was very cool!

The next day, we went to Clark's Trading Post!  There is so much to do there!  Train rides, a trained bear show, bumper boats, rock walls, segway rides, and stores and museums to see!  Jack had his first train ride!!  (and second!)   As you can see, he was so excited!!!

We took lots of drives....we saw huge mountains, beautiful streams and rivers, fed ducks on the pond, and even saw some pretty cool animals along the way!  We saw beavers, turkeys, and foxes!!  This friendly guy came right over to our car before continuing on his journey down the road!
Jack loved skimming rocks in the rivers and streams too!

We got to see the moon rise above the mountains....

...and got a little silly

Jack loved spending time with his sisters!!

On our last day, before we headed home, Jack got to play his first game of mini-golf!  He did pretty good, considering he had his own idea of how you should do it!  (which included kicking the ball with his foot and just dropping the ball in the hole from above!)

Well, it's only Wednesday...we still have the rest of the week to enjoy our vacation time...stay tuned for more pictures!!

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