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Friday, May 7, 2010

a busy day!

Today we had a very busy day!!  We had our friends Leah, Tyler and Ryan over for a playdate in the morning.  And although Jack had his moments, (he's been having a rough week!) I know he had a fun time playing!  The kids played in the playroom for a while, then headed outside to play on the bouncer and on the playscape!  Then they sat down for a picnic lunch out on the deck!

After the playdate, Auntie Scoot came over and we took a ride to the Butterfly Pavillion.  It's a 4 day exhibit where you can walk around a greenhouse filled with 1,000 butterflies and many flowering plants.  The butterflies even land on you! 

Jack loved having the butterflies land on him!   They had bowls of sugar water that you could dip your fingers into, the butterflies loved that!  Jack said they really tickled his fingers!

Riley loved the butterflies, although she would rather hold on to them tightly, which didn't work so well!  LOL!

After the butterflies, we made one more stop at the old historical cemetery so Auntie Scoot could take some pictures...

I, of course, took some pictures too....

.....and even got a great Mothers Day Picture of Jack and I!!

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