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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hidden Mill

Today we met up with Auntie Scoot and Riley to check out a 'hidden mill'!  Living on the shoreline of Connecticut all my life, you would think I would have at least heard of this place....but this one must have slipped by me!  Honestly, I can't imagine many people know about it! 

A friend told me to check it out after she found a geocache there!  When I looked it up online, and saw the pictures, I knew it was on our to-do list for this week!!

What a hidden gem!!  The mill was built by Governor John Winthrop, and was originally used to grind corn for colonists. The water wheel has been rebuilt and awaits further restoration.  It was built in 1650.
It's location is what really amazed me, right underneath the I-95 bridge in New London.  One of the caretakers told us that they are going to try to restore the water wheel to make it run again!


Of course, we also had to find the geocache that was hidden there....


I loved the old stone arch bridge that was there......


And Jack really enjoyed the bridges to walk across....

We stopped at the Connecticut College Arboretum on the way back for a quick walk and picnic lunch too!
We're going to go there again in a couple of weeks when the flowers are in full bloom!!  It's going to be beautiful!!

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