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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Arbor Day tree planting!!

Friday was Arbor Day and thanks to Jacks Grandma (my mom!), Jack was able to plant a tree!  Well, actually it's a shrub, but it was picked out especially for Jack because it will have colorful berries in the fall that will attract the birds to Jacks bird garden!! 

It's called a Viburnum, and it's part of the honeysuckle family!   It will bloom in the spring with very fragrant sweet smelling flowers, then in the fall it will have the berries for the birds!!  Perfect!!

Jack helped dig the hole with his beach shovel, which I'm sure wasn't very easy, but he insisted!! 

He worked very hard digging out all of the dirt...and it was HOT today! 

Jack ran and got the watering can so we could water it...(it's also supposed to rain tonight, so that should help!)

Jack was very proud of all of his hard work and of his new special tree!!  We'll have to add a few bird houses and feeders over here too!!

Thank you Grandma for a very thoughtful present!!!

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