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Monday, May 10, 2010

Mothers Day Craft!

As a special Mother's Day Craft, Jack and I decided to make 'home-made' paper with wildflower seeds in it!  The paper can be planted later and after some 'showers of love', beautiful wildflowers should start to grow!  We made one for Grandma, Auntie Scoot, Namie and Auntie Mel!!

After blending some scrap paper and water in a blender, we poured the 'soup' into a baking dish....

Jack then added the wildflower seeds to the dish and used his hands to mix it all up!  It was really squishy!!

We then used a section of screen from an old screen door to gather up the pulp to form a little sheet of paper!  After pressing a lot of the water out, we left the screens with the pulp on a towel to absorb as much of the water as possible!  It took about 24 hours to totally dry.

After letting them dry, we added a picture of a flower, "Happy Mother's Day" and Jack signed his name!

Here's a picture of Jack giving one to Grandma!

You can tell she really loved it! 

Happy Mother's Day!!

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