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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Daddy's on vacation!!!

This week, Daddy has been home on vacation so Jack has been having a blast doing things with him!  The weather hasn't been the greatest, the week started out with rainy, cold days.....and today is the first sunny day, but there are 45 m.p.h. winds blowing outside.

I snapped a few shots with my phone camera during the week, so they aren't the best quality!

We tried to go out fishing, something that Jack and Daddy do often during the evenings while I'm working.  I ususally don't get to be there, so I was excited to get some pictures of Jack reeling in a BIG one!  But, I only managed to snap this one before a huge storm cloud rolled in and it started raining!  So much for fishing!

Jack had some fun playing with Daddy before he headed out to go turkey hunting...

We ended up going to Cabella's to look around later that day and Jack enjoyed checking out the huge fish in the underwater caves.  He also loved riding up and down the escalator and elevator over and over again!!  :)

Jack and Daddy had some fun playing some new Wii games too....I think they were wrestling each other in this game...

Jack and I did some letterboxing while Daddy went to his Ju jitsu practice....We found two in a very old cemetery in Norwichtown.  The dates on most of the stones were from the 1700's.  There were some very interesting graves in this cemetery....Samuel Huntington, who was elected President of the Continental Congress as well as being the 18th Governor of the State of Connecticut is buried here.  He also signed the Declaration of Independence in 1776.  The first letterbox we found was placed near his tomb.  Another person that is buried here is Hannah Arnold...the mother of Benedict Arnold.  In this picture, Jack had just spotted one of the letterboxes in the stone wall. 

One of the letterboxes was placed in this cemetery to show the different headstone carvings, known as lunettes, which are the carvings in the moon shape at the top of the stone.  This is a picture of one that I took as we were leaving the cemetery.

Jack was stamping my book for me at the letterbox near the Huntington Tomb...

This afternoon, because it was so windy outside, Jack and Daddy decided to take on an inside project.  We had french doors put in last July, but never ended up putting up the finishing trim on the inside.  Jack always loves helping Daddy do projects.  He quickly grabbed his tools and got down on the floor to help!

The weekend is supposed to be much better weather, so hopefully we'll get to have a few more outdoor adventures before Daddy goes back to work!

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  1. Kim - Your blogs and Jack are just amazing. I learn so many things by just reading your blog. My sister and I both do postcrossing because of you. I can't wait to see Jack when he is all grown up, he will be an amazing person because of his parents.