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Thursday, March 4, 2010

An airplane, shamrocks and a 'grass head guy'!

Last night when I got home from work, I found a nice little surprise on the table...Jack and Daddy must have done a little craft project while I was working!  I quickly hung this airplane up in the doorway for everyone to see!


This morning, Jack and I decided to start our St. Patricks Day projects....first up?  Potato stamp shamrocks!
I remember doing this as a kid, you make stamps out of a half of a potato!  We made one shamrock and a pot for all of our 'gold'!   After Jack stamped some pictures on the paper, he glued on some 'gold coins' and colored a rainbow!!  I think it came out cute, and he thought it was pretty funny we used a potato for this craft!  :)

(Jack also got some more practice writing his name!)


One last project before naptime.....I picked up a cute little 'guy' that grows grass for hair, so Jack and I let it soak in water for a few minutes before placing him into his plastic 'greenhouse'.  Jack is pretty excited at the thought of giving him a 'haircut' in a week or two!!

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  1. You'll have to keep an eye on your potatoes, in case Jack decides to make more stamps! ;o)