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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Another beautiful day!

Today Jack woke up complaining of a stomachache and coughing.  He never mentioned the stomach part again for the rest of the day, but he was coughing on and off.  We didn't make it to our playdate this morning, I just wanted to make sure that Jack wasn't going to be sick.  After a little while of relaxing at home, we decided to head out for some fresh air. 
We met up with Kathy and Riley again at Hammonasset Beach for a walk and a little geocaching!  We found one, then for some reason, my phone was getting no network coverage, so I wasn't able to find any more there! 
Jack and I both spotted this one at the same time pretty quickly!  Jack found a couple of 'finger skateboards' that he took, and we put in a deck of game cards for the next person to find!

We walked around a little bit more, then headed to Cold Stone for some ice cream!  We then headed to a candy store over at the outlet mall across the street.  Auntie Scoot told Jack that he could choose anything in the store and she'd buy it for him....of all things, he chose a tube of mini M&M's!  Then he spotted the gummy candy bins and decided that 'Daddy' needed to have some of those!!  (Something tells me he was thinking more for himself!)  He chose some octopus gummies, army guys, frogs, worms, and eggs....hmmm, just what Daddy likes!  :)
As we were walking around the outlet mall, we kept running into those 50 cent 'rides' outside of the stores...Auntie Scoot really spoiled Jack today, she decided that he needed to ride just about every one we came across!!  (Almost like going to an amusement park she said!)
He loved every minute of it...of course, I am going to have to convince him that we can't do that EVERY time we go someplace!

Jack and I headed back home, but made a quick stop at another geocache in Old Saybrook!  This one was rated as an easy one, so I figured we could grab it and get home to see Daddy!
It was at a very beautiful park that was built on a landfill....unfortunately, it smelled pretty bad....I can't imagine what it would be like in the summer heat! 
It really was a nice spot with benches that overlook the marsh and water....maybe we just caught it on a bad day, who knows!

It was a great time of day to be there, the sun was just setting!

This was the first cache that Jack actually found 100% on his own!  We sometimes will lead Jack into the right area if we spot it first, but let him think he is finding it....but this time, I was reading a plaque at the park and all of a sudden Jack yells "Momma!!!!  I found the hidden box!!!!!!'
He was so excited!!  We popped it open and he found a Thomas the Train luggage tag!  He took that and we left a travel game for the next people to find!

It was a great day!!

(and thanks again to Auntie Scoot and Riley for the spoiling today!)

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