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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

More sick days.....

Jack has been sick the last couple of days, but we still tried to do some fun things to keep a smile on his face!

Yesterday, we made a GIANT cupcake!!  It was chocolate, with chocolate pudding in the middle and whipped cream frosting!!   YUMMMMMMMMY!!  (of course, Jack only eats the frosting & pudding!)

Jack made me a nice picture too....he's getting so good with his drawing and with writing his name!!  It's a picture of a flower with the sun shining above!  He wrote his name all by himself too!  I'm so proud of him!

We had some fun last night with Daddy too....we played with puzzles, and Daddy was intentionally putting the pieces in the wrong place to see what Jack would do!!  Jack was laughing so hard, it was funny!  Then our BIG dog Sasha decided she needed to be part of the family fun time too, and plopped herself down right next to her best buddy Jack!!

The big bag behind Jack??  Those were all of the clothes that Jack outgrew since last little guy is getting big!!  We're going to share them with a friend who has triplets!!


Today, Jack missed out on going to the library toddler program.   He was too sick to go, but Miss Anne and Miss Kathy were nice enough to send home the craft for Jack to do!!  He was pretty excited...especially when he saw the plastic Easter Egg in it!  He loves those!

After having a pretty relaxing day today on the couch, we decided we better start making some Easter decorations for the house...Easter is in a week and a half!!!!

We did a nice simple one, seeing as Jack wasn't feeling the greatest.  I think it came out pretty good!  I cut  Easter eggs out of construction paper, and Jack colored them!!  We then got out the gluestick and stuck them on a paper plate with the center cut out....voila!!  An Easter wreath!!

We put it up on the french doors in the dining room so everyone can enjoy a little touch of spring!!

I think Jack did a great job!!

Lastly, Jack got a whole bunch of postcards this week from!!  He even got a mini calendar from a woman in Wales, showing all sorts of scenes from Wales.  Jack was so excited!!  Here are a couple of his favorite postcards from this week....

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