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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The worst rain I've seen!

Today was another day of heavy, flooding rain.  Parts of the state were declared a 'state of emergency' because of all of the flooding and roads shut down.  We had a scheduled playdate about 15 miles from our house at a school, but they hadn't cancelled it, so Jack and I headed down there!  The roads were terrible, especially the one near the school.  At one point, I didn't think we'd make it, there was so much water over the road and police were starting to put up blockades.  When we got there, we could see all of the other moms cars, so we went in to play.  It was a 'color Easter eggs' playdate and Jack was very excited to do that! 
After about 15 minutes, one of the other moms was getting messages on her phone saying that the kids at the local schools were being sent home and more and more roads were closing.  We decided at that point, we should probably head home...but Sarah was nice enough to send Jack home with hard boiled eggs and a coloring kit so that he could do it at home!!  Thanks Sarah!!  :)  
It was a crazy ride home...more flooding than before!  I had to get off the highway for gas, and when I went to leave the gas station, the police were there putting up more signs closing that direction of the road!!!  I had to go back down the opposite way on the highway, then turn around to come back up again!  Thankfully, we made it home safe and sound.

Jack couldn't wait to make his Easter eggs, so we did those as soon as we got home!

They came out really great!  Jack even got fancy with some of them, making them multicolored and decorated them with stickers!

Nice job little buddy!!  :)

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  1. Those are some nice looking eggs Jack!

    We have had terrible rain here today as well, made worse by the fact we are on the coast...the news is showing footage of the sea coming right over and flooding the coastal roads (though fortunately not my road)!! :oO Where did spring go??