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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

St. Patricks Day Party then rainbow cupcakes

This morning we had a St. Patricks Day playdate!  The kids had some play time first, then Miss Rebecca read a story about St. Patricks Day!  We then made a really cute shamrock craft before having rainbow cake and green juice!!

This is Jack and his friend having fun together in the playhouse!!

The craft was coloring a shamrock then putting on pieces of green paper with a glue stick!  It was a perfect craft, you know Jack and the gluestick!!

The cake was a bundt cake with rainbow colors!!  We thought that was pretty funny because we had planned on going home and making rainbow cupcakes!!

Jack did most of the work making the cupcakes...the hardest part was dividing up the batter between six bowls and coloring them all different colors!!  I then poured the colors into the cupcake liners and stuck them in the oven!!  I think they came out pretty cool, and Jack was VERY impressed!  He frosted them 'fluffy cloud white' and our snack was done!!

Check these out!!
It's our rainbow leading to the pot of where is the leprechaun??

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