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Monday, March 8, 2010

Finally....beautiful weather!!

We have had some gorgeous weather these past few days!

Yesterday, Daddy and I took Jack geocaching!  We hit a couple of spots on our way down to Clinton for a pizza birthday party for Uncle Rhett!
This picture was taken in Preston.  The cache was hidden under a rock in a wooded area besides the cemetery in town.  This was the first of three that we found for the day!

Jack loves finding this one, he chose to take the mini flashlight...he already has one at home, but he said it was okay because the one he has at home is blue, and this one was green!  LOL!

We had a great time at the pizza party, ate lots of pizza, then had chocolate raspberry cake and rootbeer floats at Grandmas house!


Today, we had a field trip with Jacks playdate group!  We went to the Gales Ferry Fire Department to see the fire trucks!  This was our second time there, but Jack loves the fire trucks!!!
Here are a few pictures from our field trip! 
Jack got to sit in a couple of fire trucks, and even got to use the fire extinguisher to squirt water all over the parking lot! 
As you can see by the huge smile on his face, this was a lot of fun!!

When we got home, we ate lunch outside and Auntie Mel and Luke came over to play on the playscape!  The boys have lots of fun together, I'm so happy they live right next door so the kids can all grow up together!!

They really are 'bestest buddies!'

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