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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A beautiful March day!

Today Jack and I headed to our group for a playdate!  Jack loves getting together with all of his friends and I like the opportunity to chat with the other moms! 
When we left, it felt like summer outside!  Well, it was really only about 48 degrees, but compared to the long cold winter we've had, it seemed so warm!  (besides, the sun was really shining for the first time in well over a week!)

We decided to head down to Clinton, to meet my sister and my niece at Clinton Beach!  Jack had a blast...there is a new playground with HUGE slides, a nice walking trail to a gazebo, and of course, the nice beach to walk along!  Did I mention there was a geocache there?  Woo hoo!

Here are a bunch of pictures from our time there:

This is my niece Riley and my sister Kathy!

This last picture is of Jack at the geocache...nice, easy find!!

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