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Monday, March 15, 2010

Rainy day craft, and postcards!

Today is the fourth straight day of rain and wind....Jack is getting a little tired of being stuck inside, especially after all of that beautiful weather we had last week!  We decided to do a little spring craft today...a little baby lamb!  I thought it would remind us of warmer days to come!
I think it came out pretty cute, Jack thought it was fun using the cotton balls to make him all fluffy!

We've also been having so much fun with our postcrossing project!  Jack loves getting the postcards in the mail, and now he always yells, "the mailman is here!!" (well, it's really a mail-lady, but all I think he notices is the big white mail truck!)

Jack has received some really cute cards, many people send them with animals on it that he would enjoy.  We really appreciate that people pick out special things for him being only 3 years old!
He got this card in the mail the other had a boar on it, knee-deep in mud with it's nose covered in mud!  Jack thought that was pretty funny!  As you can see, he really like that one!

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