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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Easter egg hunt, Easter Bunny and a baby hawk!

This morning was Jacks Easter egg hunt at Lisbon Meadows Park!  It was only 25 degrees out, so we had to bundle up!!   Jack was pretty excited, especially when they had all the kids walk over to the field where all the eggs were....there were thousands!!!  Ready.......set.......go!!!!!!

Jack got lots of eggs and the big chocolate bunny!  His cousins Luke and Hannah made out pretty good too!

Next stop....the Easter Bunny!!!

Jack jumped right up on his lap for a quick picture, then the Easter bunny gave him a lollipop!! 
Jack and I spotted something very cool outside of the hotel....on the street sign, just outside of the window was a baby hawk!  It was just sitting there and didn't even mind that I went out to take a couple of pictures of it!  Of course, the mommy hawk was probably  sitting in a nearby tree waiting to attack me, but thankfully she didn't!  I just wish I had the good camera with the big zoom lens!!
He was so cute and Jack loved him!!

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