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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Aquarium fun and geocaching!

Yesterday we headed down to Mystic to go to the aquarium for the day!  It was a beautiful day, and I think just about every single other family decided that this was the thing to do today because  IT WAS PACKED!!! 

Jack picked up a crab all by himself!  He liked it until the crab pinched him, then he threw it back into the water and said "I don't like crabs!"  LOL!
Those are some BIG shark teeth!! 

Jack got a chance to touch a sting ray!!  They were hard to touch, they swam really fast and didn't always come up to the surface!

Jack liked the penguins the most!  He couldn't wait to go see them!  (They're my favorites too!)

This is a picture of Jack and his cousin Luke watching the penguins swim!  They kept coming right up to the glass where the boys were!!

Checking out the Beluga whales!!

Jack liked watching this turtle...he had some LONG nails!!  I wouldn't want to come across one of those in the water!

After lunch, we all went to the duck pond!  This is a picture of Jack and his cousins Hannah and Luke!

Checking out the ducks and the water wheel!

The kids posing with the Sea Lion!

Jack and his cousin Riley!! 

My little guy checking out a pair of ducks that were hiding behind a bush in this store-front garden!

After all of our fun at the Aquarium, Jack and I headed down the street to a beautiful cemetery where we ended up finding 3 geocaches!!  Jack picked up some cool toys in the caches, and I got to add to my total of caches found, making it 126!!  Woo hoo!!
Jack at one of the cache sites!!

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