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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Easter...take two! And letterboxing!!!!!!!

Today we had an Easter Egg Hunt!  I know it's a week late, and we've already done a few of them, but Jacks grandmother (My husbands mom) has one every year at her house.  This year, it was scheduled for the day before Easter, but my niece and nephew were both very sick Easter weekend.  We postponed it until today so that all five kids could participate!

Namie (That's what the kids call Jacks grandmother) hides so many eggs and puts quarters inside instead of candy!!  She even hides a few 'special' ones with a dollar inside!!  This year we had it over my sister-in-laws house.  She lives next door to us, so it was nice just walking over.  The kids had a great time, and Jack ended up collecting 28 eggs (and a total of $7.75!).  He quickly added it to his piggy bank...he's been saving his money to buy a car when he's older.  (Yes, he came up with that on his own!).  He's been collecting water bottles as we finish them to collect the 5 cents per bottle.

Here are a couple of pictures from the egg hunt....

When we got home, I got started on making rubber stamps for our new hobby, letterboxing!  It's pretty similar to geocaching, but you hand carve your own personalized stamp that you use to stamp the notebook in each letterbox.  It's your own personal 'trademark!'.  Inside each letterbox that you find, is a handcarved stamp that is made especially for that box.  You use that stamp to stamp your notebook that you carry with you.  You end up collecting stamps from all of the letterboxes that you find!  Pretty cool!  We've seen some really nice stamps, their are a lot of talented people out there!

Here are the stamps I hand carved myself today....not too bad for a rookie!

This one is's my favorite bird (bluebird) sitting on top of a branch.  I love bird watching!!  It's a pretty simple design, but it was my first time making stamps myself.  My 'trail name' is Jacksmom726 on and on

This stamp is the one I made for Jack....he really wanted a gecko, and I think it is kind of cute!  Again, it's pretty simple, but he really likes it, and I am pretty proud of myself for making them!  His 'trail name' is JackZag.

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