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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bird Paradise!

Today, Jack and I worked more on our little bird garden.  We had already added mulch to an area up against our stone wall and planted roses & perennials the other day, and today we wanted to put up all of our bird houses and bird feeders.  We have a huge tree with big hydrangeas surrounding it up against the wall and used this area as the focal point.  The hydrangeas bloom all summer and they are HUGE!  I also have a little wooden bench right next to it because it's a perfect shady spot on hot summer days.

Jack and I love to watch the birds eating, building nests and just hanging out in the tree singing!  He's getting pretty good about identifying them too!

Jack helped me fill all of our feeders with sunflower seeds and thistle, and then we added our suet blocks to the suet feeders.  The woodpeckers really like those!!  We get a lot of cardinals, goldfinches, chicadees, nuthatches, robins, finches, catbirds, titmouses, bluejays, and an occasional blue bird.  Those are my favorites!

Jack really likes the cardinals, especially the males with their bright red color!

The pollen got the best of me today, my allergies were in full force, so I snapped a couple more pictures before heading inside to take some medicine!

This is our dog Sasha, she came out to 'help' us.  She loves watching the birds too!

The hydrangeas have leaves starting to come out, so it won't be too long before they have big, beautiful flowers!
The daffodils are starting to bloom, and the butterfly bush is just starting to look alive again!

Jack and Sasha taking a break from filling all of the bird feeders. 

I hope the birds love our new little bird sanctuary we set up for them!  I can't wait to grab a few pictures of our fine feathered friends soon!

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