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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Fun in the sun!

You've got to love New day it will be sleet and rain and in the 40's, the next day it's hot and sunny and in the 80's! 

Today was one of those out of the ordinary hit 91 degrees, that HAS to be a record breaker!!

The last couple of days, actually, have been pretty nice!  Jack has been really enjoying this weather, after being stuck in the house for most of the winter months!

This picture was taken at Jacks grandmothers house on Easter Sunday, it was warm and we decided to play soccer with Jack.  He loves running after the ball and kicking it....I totally picture that being the sport for him!  Check out his expression...I love it!

Yesterday we went to a playdate then decided to find some geocaches....I use an iPhone with a geocaching application to find them so Jack decided that he would bring his (plastic toy) phone with him to help him 'find' the cache.  He must have spotted it pretty quickly, because he picked up his phone, said "My phone is telling me that the box is hidden under this rock...." and then proceded to grab it!  LOL!  He was pretty excited, it was a new cache just hidden a week ago, so the things inside were pretty cool.  He ended up taking a cool motorcycle keychain toy!

This is the sunset that we all enjoyed last night from our deck...I made some mandarin sesame chicken on the grill, and we ate outside for the first time this year!  Hooray for great weather!!

Today we had the toddler program at the library and got a nice surprise!  The Easter party that was supposed to be last week was cancelled due to the flooding, and many of the moms decided that they would bring in stuff to have the party today!  We listened to a couple of stories, made a cute Easter egg craft, then enjoyed some yummy treats!

We had to run a few errands, but decided we couldn't pass up being outside on this gorgeous day, so we headed to Hopeville Pond State Park to try some letterboxing!  We've been meaning to do this for a while, but for whatever reason never reallly got the chance to do it.  One of the moms at the library and her family do letterboxing, and have a few hidden at that park.  We headed out and had a great time!  (although it was very hot, I got much needed excercise pushing Jack around in the stroller!!)  We took a long walk around the beach area, the campground and on some trails.  Jack thought it was pretty cool using stamps to fill up his little notebook, and stamped his dragonfly stamp in the notebook in the boxes!  Pretty cool! We'll definitely have to keep up this hobby!

After walking around the park for a while, we decided it was time to soak our feet in the pond...another great day with my favorite little guy!! 

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