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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Out and about!

Today was the last day of Jacks library toddler program...we're pretty bummed out, Jack really enjoyed going every week.  Today he got to participate in one of the stories by putting a flower up on the story board!  Then we made a bookmark, so Jack and I can keep reading all summer long!  The good news is, there is a summer reading program that we can take part in and it sounds like their are going to be really nice events that we can go to such as the Mystic Aquarium touch tank there!  A great big thank you to Miss Anne and Miss Kathy who put on such a great program that Jack got to take part in for the last couple of years!

Later in the day, we had to run to Norwich to sign our tax papers, so we decided to grab a quick letterbox while we were there!  I'm glad we was located near the town green, and you had to walk up a steep set of rock steps to the top of a huge cliff.  I knew the stairs were there, but I never realized what was up on top!  What a view!  There is a huge cross and many benches and you can see all of Norwichtown! 

Jack liked being able to see the hospital where he was born, and we got a very up close view of the LifeStar helicopter going by!

Jack found the letterbox pretty quick and really liked the stamp for this one...a lizard! 

Now, some garden work at home, dinner over Marks moms house then off to work for me!

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