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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

letterboxing and animals!

Yesterday, Jack and I decided to try out our new letterboxing stamps that I carved!  Our first letterbox was in Lisbon, on a trail behind the Congregational Church on Rt. 169.  I never even realized their was a trail there, so I was glad we did this one! 
It's the Newent Woods Heritage Trail and Old Lee Road...a road that goes through the woods that is no longer used.  Jack and I had such a nice time walking this trail, talking about everything from preschool (that he'll be going to in September) to what animals are in the woods and where they could be hiding!  I wish I could hold on to that moment forever...

The trail led us down to Bicentennial Park, where we found the remains of the Asa Griswold homestead...and found our first letterbox of the day! 

Jack stamped his gecko stamp into the book and signed his name!!

Right near the letterbox was railroad tracks...Jack thought that was pretty cool, he's never seen REAL tracks before, just the ones on his train table!

Jack checked out the different shape leaves just starting to pop from the trees and the ground after a long winter!  He liked this fern...he said it looked like a big feather!

We really enjoyed our time on this trail...lots to see and explore!!

On to our next letterbox.....we headed over to a very familiar spot.  It was where Josie's General Store used to be in Canterbury...unfortunately, they closed down last month.  With the road being closed right down the street, they just couldn't stay open.  We know the owners Rob and Julie.  They have a beautiful spot there, with a little pond and a bunch of cute animals.  There are still goats, chickens, a llama, an alpaca, a peacock to see there, and they are pretty friendly.  They came running over to greet us at the gate as soon as we pulled in!   This black goat is Einstein!  Jack loved feeding him some hay!  Their are some really friendly chickens too!
This is a place that Jack and I like to visit's so pretty and peaceful!!  There is now a new store there, a chocolate store...but it was closed when we were there.  Their is a letterbox hidden here as well as a geocache (that Jack and I hid ourselves!).  We found the letterbox quickly....
Jack and I stamped our books then said goodbye to our animal friends.......on to our last letterbox of the day!

Our last letterbox was in Hopeville State Park in Griswold.  We found a couple there last week, but there are still a bunch to find!  We walked across the big field at the park and Jack found two golf balls in the grass!  People always practice their golf swings there, so you can usually find a golf ball if you look hard enough!  Jack spotted the letterbox in a stone wall underneath some loose rocks! 
Well, I think we did pretty good...3 in one day (and some quality bonding time too!)

Thanks for another great day my little buddy!

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