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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Playdate with friends!

Yesterday, my friend Terri and my friend Sue and her kids, Jack and Brooke, came by for a much needed visit!  I don't get together with the girls anywhere near often enough due to our busy work schedules, but it was nice finally getting to see everyone today!

Jack was still asleep when Terri got to the house, but luckily, woke up pretty happy and very talkative!  He couldn't wait to show Terri his playroom and train table!  When Sue and the kids got here, all the kids played in the playroom for a while then we decided it was too nice outside to be in the house!

We set up the bouncer & ball pit, pulled out the t-ball set and tricycles and watched the kids have a blast!  Here are some of the pictures from our playdate!!

This handsome guys name is Jack too!  My Jack likes to call him "the other Jack".  They are only 6 weeks apart in age!  Jack had so much fun in the ball pit!!

This is Brooke, and she had a great time too with the ball pit and bouncer!  Isn't she the cutest thing with her little curls??

The kids seemed like they had so much fun playing together!!

My Jack and Brooke were tossing the balls back and forth through the ball pit doors!

Jack and Brooke really liked petting Sasha, and Sasha was LOVING all of the attention!  She's really good with kids!!

Jack was showing Brooke the bluebird decoration he put in our bird garden and also showed her the rose bushes he planted all by himself!

Jack loved doing some 'slam dunks' in the basketball hoop!!  He's quite a basketball player!

All three of the kids were looking to see if there were any bees on the dandelions in the yard!

Saying goodbye is never fun!!  But we'll see the kids again soon hopefully!!

After everyone left, Jack and I went out and played a little more outside and snapped a few more pictures.  I loved how the grass was so green, and how the balls from the ball pit and Jacks red shirt really looked bright and cheery in the pictures!!

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