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Friday, April 2, 2010

I guess we didn't make out as well as I thought with the flood....

At the beginning of the week, we had heavy rains for days.  Our area got over 8 inches of rain!  So many homes and businesses ended up flooded and some people are still not able to go back to their houses due to unsafe conditions or lack of electricity.  We bought our house only a little over a year ago, and didn't really know how the basement would make out with all of that rain, but thankfully it stayed dry.  We were fortunate enough to walk away with no problems......  OR SO WE THOUGHT!

I got home from work late last night to find a note in the kitchen from my husband saying we had no brushing my teeth, using the bathroom and no shower.  Great.  All it said was "No water, call the well company in the morning".  That can't be good!!  I knew our well pump and tank were very old and we'd have to replace it sooner or later, but we were hoping for 'later'!  Come to find out, the little underground cement thing out in the backyard that holds the well tank and pump was under 10 feet of water!  It shorted out the well pump.  My 70 degree day where I was planning on going out geocaching and possibly visiting my sister and niece ended up being a day where I called all over looking for someone with a pump.  I called the Lisbon Fire Department and thankfully they were able to pump us out!  Hooray!!  Jack liked that the fire departments truck came to our house!  THANK YOU LISBON FIRE DEPARTMENT!!

Next, we needed to have the well people come out...I was really afraid that because it was the holiday weekend, we may not get anyone out to help us until Monday, but thankfully (again!!) they came out, replaced the holding tank and fixed the pump!  Thank you Riley's Heating and Plumbing!!

While they were here working on it, Jack and I enjoyed a little lunch out on the deck.  Jack had fish sticks and applesauce....Mmmmm!! 

We played on the swings, the slide, on the bouncer, played T-ball, built sand castles and colored on the driveway with sidewalk chalk!  What a great time we had!!  It was so beautiful outside!

Check out this cool castle and road that we made!  Of course, Jack thought it would be fun to 'bull-doze' it over right after I took the picture!

I made this little flower on the driveway, then Jack added his own flower and even a sun shining over in the corner! 

You're becoming quite an artist my little buddy!  Just like Daddy!

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