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Friday, April 23, 2010

Earth Day!

Yesterday was Earth Day!!  Jack got a little bumble bee magnifying glass at the store the day before and he couldn't wait to go exploring!  He loves everything about nature....planting flowers and trees, animals, insects, you name it! 

The second he got out of the bathtub, he grabbed his magnifying glass and was ready to go outside and explore everything up-close and personal.

He wanted to see all of the plants, flowers, and bugs in the yard, and these are the pictures from his exploration!

Jack really liked this bumble bee...we watched it go from flower to flower!  I got a chance to explain how the bee takes the nectar from the flowers and returns to the nest to store it.

Jack found this turkey feather in the yard...he was pretty excited about that!  He carried it around for the rest of the day! 

We have turkeys that walk through our yard all of the time!

He liked the pink flowers on the dogwood tree!

I love this picture of shows his inquisitive side.  He really enjoys taking the time to examine things and learn about them.  (Plus I love how it shows off his long eyelashes!)

We really enjoyed exploring today.  We learned about how the trees help clean the air for us to breathe, how the flowers help the insects, and got to enjoy the flowers that we planted last week.  I hope Jack continues to appreciate nature and 'Mother Earth'.  It's a pretty good quality in my eyes!

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