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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Another snow day!!

Well, as expected, Jacks Valentines Day party was cancelled at the library due to the bummer! (but LOTS of cupcakes for us to now eat!!)

We have a lot of snow coming down, and as soon as it starts snowing, we end up with a bunch of little birds that show up on our deck looking for some we put out a little tray of food to keep them happy!! (and it also entertains Jack as well as our cats and dog!)
We also thought it would be fun to make some hand-made Valentines Day cards to mail out to family, so out come the craft supplies!!

We decided to make 'stained glass' hearts on a card!! We used tissue paper, clear contact paper, and some cardstock for this project...

Jack liked sticking all of the tissue paper to the contact paper, and I got to work cutting out a heart in the cardstock!

Jack also got some practice writing his name, and signed 5 of these cards!! He did such a great job...check out these letters!!! I wrote them down on a different paper, and he copied them!!

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  1. Wow, he's doing a great job with letter writing! And he looks SO proud with his finished car!... he did a great job!