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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mystic Village and another craft!

Yesterday, Jack and I met Auntie Scoot and Riley at Mystic Village!!  It was such a beautiful day, and we knew the next 5 days would be cold and snowy, so we wanted to take advantage of it!!

We went to some very nice stores, and of course, looked for POSTCARDS!  We purchased some duck food and fed the ducks at the pond too!!

Jack was a little nervous at first, he thought he would get hurt if he let them eat out of his hand, but I showed him that it tickled my hand.  Soon he had a lot of new duck friends!!

These ducks obviously are pretty used to people being around!!  As you can see...Jack had a great time!
Nothing better to top off our afternoon than ICE CREAM!  Jack enjoyed chocolate with sprinkles, and Auntie Scoot and I had some grasshopper sundaes!  Poor Riley, always missing out on the ice cream!!  Soon, pretty girl, you'll be getting your own big sundae!

Jack and I came home to SIX postcards in the mailbox!!  Three from Greece, and one each from New Zealand, Belgium, and Portugal!!  Our map will be filled up in no time!


Today, Jack and I stayed home, really nasty weather outside, snow one minute, rain the next and mud everywhere!!

Jack wanted to add to his craft wall, so he decided on a sea star to put next to his submarine and jellyfish! Check out this great job he did, and he even wrote his name at the top (and made a sun!)  I am so proud of him, he'll be ready for school in no time!!

Jack also got 2 postcards in the mail today, one from Canada and one from Switzerland!  I thought that one was very cute!!  It has a bunny named Felix riding a bike and handing out mail and postcards all over the world!  How fitting!! 

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