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Friday, February 5, 2010

dragonfly birthday surprise!

Today Jack and I made a quick trip to Michael's Craft Store to pick up a few more supplies for a special present that Jack picked out to make for Auntie Scoots and Grandmas birthday!

We used popsicle sticks, paint, glue, magnets, googly eyes, clothespins, sequins and wooden ice cream spoons for this cute idea!

Jack loved painting the popsicle sticks all different colors, we chose pink and orange for the 'birthday girls' and made a blue & green one for us to keep!

After we did some painting, I got an alert on my phone saying 3 new geocaches were just hidden in our area, so we headed out (and let the paint dry!). We were able to find 2 of them before it got too late! Woo hoo!

Home again to finish up our project!! We did some gluing, added googly eyes, magnets and the clothespins, and our dragonflies were done!! (Auntie Scoot and Grandma....if you see this before your party...please act very surprised!!) :):):)


  1. Kim,
    A question?... My photos are coming out sideways on the blog, how do I rotate them to be right side up?

    Looks like Jack did all sorts of wonderful crafts this week, we will have to come down and visit you sometime soon and maybe go on a geocache so we can learn how to do it!

  2. hmmm....that's strange, I don't know why they come out sideways...are they going the right way before uploading them? I haven't had that problem yet!
    I would love to see you guys if you come down! It would be fun!!