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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Busy Day!!

Today was busy, busy, busy!

Our day started with a playdate with my mom's group! The kids played for a while, then made a 'groundhog puppet'!! Great job to Rebecca who came up with this cute idea!

Our next stop...Chips Pub for lunch with Auntie Scoot and baby Riley! Then our next adventure started before we even left the parking lot! It was GEOCACHING TIME!! :)

We found our first cache right at the restaurant, then headed to another cache that was hidden at a pretty cool rock painted to look like a big turtle!

Another pretty neat cache that we found was hidden at an old one room school house in Clinton! It was built in 1801!
We found 5 caches today, bringing our total to 105!!
(for info on geocaching, go to!)

We weren't too far from Auntie Scoots house, so we made a quick stop there too! Tell me my niece isn't the cutest little girl in the world!! She just loves to smile and loves talking!!

Last stop was looking for postcards for our newest hobby, postcrossing! ( I'm brand new to this, but hopefully I will be getting postcards from all over the world! I'll fill you in more when they start coming in!

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