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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Submarine, postcards and bulldozers!

Today we thought we'd stay home to give Jacks cold one more day to make it's way outta here!

Jack wanted to make a submarine today...not too sure where that idea came from, but I remembered one of my craft books had a simple stencil for making one out of cardstock!

I love Jacks face when he is really concentrating...the tongue is ALWAYS out!  My mom said I always did the same thing when I was younger!

I think Jacks submarine came out pretty nice, and we hung it up in the living room for everyone to see!  Another masterpiece!

Next up for today...postcards!!  Jack and I mailed out 6 today...Lithuania, China, Kenya, India, Taiwan, and Switzerland! 

These are a couple of the cards we've received so far...they are from Canada and Netherlands!  How cool is that!

Naptime, or should I say 'no nap time'.  Jack went up to bed for his nap, but I could tell he was too busy playing in his room to be sleeping!  After about 1/2 hour, he yelled down that he found a surprise in his closet...okay, that makes me kind of nervous.

Thankfully, it ended up being a cardboard standup that he had at his birthday party 6 months ago...he must have forgotten that he had it, because he was SOOOOOO excited!! 

Now, it's time for work for me, so we'll talk soon!

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