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Saturday, February 13, 2010

More Valentines Day Fun!

Last night, Jack wanted to paint a wooden fish that we bought for Daddy as one of his Valentines Day presents...He was so excited about it and before the paint even dried he gave it to him! Daddy said that it must be a rainbow trout because of all of the really cool colors!

Today, Jack worked on his other gifts for Daddy...a pet rock and a centipede! Jack loves painting, and he had a lot of fun with making these for him! For whatever reason, there was this really smooth rock in the upstairs's been there since we bought the house. Jack saw a kids program where they made a pet rock and he HAD to make one. This rock worked out perfectly! Look how cute it is!!

We also hung up our world map in the playroom for our Postcrossing project! So far, we have received one postcard from a person in Germany, and I pinpointed where on the map it came from and put how far it traveled to get to us! 3,621 miles to be exact...all the way from Moenchengladbach, Germany! We are really looking forward to getting many more postcards from all over the world!!

Speaking of mail....Jack got his first Sticker Swap mail today and was a very excited little guy!! His 'friend' Megan from Washington state sent him a nice Valentine and some great stickers!! Thanks to Megan and to Amanda from 'Funny Days with Mommy & Maddie' for organizing this fun sticker swap!

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