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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Today is Library Day!

Every Wednesday morning, we head over to the library for the toddler story time!  Jack really enjoys this...

The kids got to listen to 2 stories, one about a snowman, and the other story about different animals when the snow comes...Jack liked the second one especially because it had a moose in it!  We missed Miss Anne today, she wasn't there to read the stories, but Miss Kathy was there!

Jack, of course, loved the last part of the class where the kids get to do a craft!  They put cotton balls and pom-poms on a mitten and colored looked like the one from the first story!

After library, we met Auntie Mel and Luke at McDonalds for some lunch and play on the big tree house!  Jack really loves playing there, although usually if other kids are on it, he gets too overwhelmed to play on it, but today he was right up there with all the kids and had a blast!  He loves playing with his cousin Lukie...they are best buddies!

A quick stop to Target afterwards landed us some great deals...they always have tons of stuff on we got a couple of pairs of Osh Kosh adjustable waist jeans for Jack....half price! 
Jack also spotted something in the 'dollar bins' at the front door...a ceramic egg that you plant seeds in to grow daisies!  He is looking forward to a garden this year...last years didn't work out so well! 
Jack mushed up the 'pellet' with some water...pretty cool  because it turned to dirt!!  We then put the dirt in the egg, and Jack planted the we wait......

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