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Friday, February 19, 2010

Mining for Gold!

Today Jack and I went to a place in Old Saybrook called The Lucky 33 Gemstone Flume Mine!  A friend told us about it after taking her daughter there and thought Jack would like it too!  Boy, did he!
We had originally met up with Auntie Scoot and baby Riley for lunch, stopped at a couple stores, then it was on to the mine!!

You purchase a bucket filled with sand and gems and a scoop!  You are then brought over to the flume, with rushing water...scoop some of the dirt into the screen, dip it in the water, give it a little shake and you have a pile of gems!! 

The owner comes over with a flashlight and shows you how cool the rocks look with the light shining through it and helps you identify them!  Jack found some really nice colors in his gems. 

Next stop for today was a visit at Grandmas!  We haven't seen her this week and she had some really cute Valentines gifts and a card for Jack!

Our last special treat of the day was coming home and finding a postcard in the mailbox!  It's from Dublin, Ireland!!  Time to add it to our map!

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