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Monday, February 8, 2010

Grandmas & Auntie Scoots birthday party!

Today was our party for Grandma and Auntie Scoot! We headed down to Clinton for some birthday fun!

Jack couldn't wait for them to open up the presents he made them (the dragonfly magnets!!) and before I even had my coat off, he was helping them open them up!

Grandma looked pretty happy!!

Auntie Scoot was pretty happy too!
I know that they will both proudly put those up on the refrigerator for everyone to see!!
Jack and Grandma also had some cuddling time while watching the Superbowl....Jack really loves his Grandma!!
Jack and Daddy had some fun being silly too!

Riley had so much fun partying, that she needed a nap!!

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  1. I loved my gifts, especially the deagonfly.. A great time was had by all