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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Library day!

Every Wednesday we go to the toddler program at the local library! It's an hour long, and starts with some free playtime. Then we pick up the toys, and sing a song before settling down to hear a couple of stories. We then do the closing song, after which Jack bolts over to the little kid-size tables to do a craft! Today's craft was a picture frame, where you put yourself and two of your best friends in the middle then color it! I asked Jack who his two friends were, and he said me and Daddy!! Awww......

Next stop, the post office...we mailed out postcards to people in 5 different countries! I can't wait to start getting some in the mail too!

We couldn't resist going over to Arremonys Bakery across the street...they have the best whoopie pies, cakes, cupcakes and pastries!! Oh, and of course, cookies!

Jack spotted the giant heart shaped cookies right away, and had to have one! I ended up getting some coffee and we sat down for a nice leisurely late morning treat! Jack licked all of the frosting off of the cookie, then finally took a few bites! Mmmmm!! Yummy!

Jack got a special surprise in the mailbox today....a letter from his friend J.C.! J.C. made a nice picture for Jack and did an awesome job writing his name! He even sent Jack a sheet of stickers!! So much for Mommy and Daddy being his best soon as Jack opened the envelope, he ran around the house yelling, "This is from J.C.!!! He is my BEST FRIEND!" (Well, I guess you can have a lot of best friends, right? :)
Now it's relaxing time...Jack's napping, and I'm getting caught up on stuff before making dinner and heading out to work!

Have a great day everyone!


  1. I was at Arremony's yesterday! They DID NOT have whoopie pies! If they did they would be in my belly right now! We went for canolis and cinnamon sticks instead! So yummmmmmmmmyyyy!

  2. Mmmmm....the canolis are so good, aren't they?? It's very dangerous that they are only a couple miles away from where we live...I'm surprised I'm not as big as a house! LOL!